Intel Officials Warn Contractors: Keep Mouths Shut : The Two-Way Intel officials warn contractors: keep your mouths shut after a Washington Post investigation runs.
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Intel Officials Warn Contractors: Keep Mouths Shut

Wired's always interesting Danger Room blog reports that the intelligence community is warning contractors about an investigative piece by Washington Post reporter Dana Priest which intel officials seem to have cause to believe will scheduled to run next week.

It's probably safe to assume the investigation won't portray the intel community and its contractors in the best light. It appears intel officials don't want contractors to, knowingly or unwittingly, give Priest or other reporters any additional ammunition.

An excerpt:

If reporters call trying to follow up what Priest reports, the memo warns, contractors need to shut their mouths. “Employees should be reminded that they must neither confirm nor deny information contained in this, or any, media publication, and that the publication of this website does not constitute a change in any current ODNI classifications,” the memo states. “They should also be reminded that if approached and asked to discuss their work by media or unauthorized people, they should report the interactions to their appropriate security officer.”