Fishing While Swimming Or 'Skishing' Hooks Fans : The Two-Way Some guys don their wetsuits and flippers and grab their rod and reels when they go fishing.
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Fishing While Swimming Or 'Skishing' Hooks Fans

So there are these guys who don their wetsuits and flipper, grab their fishing rods and head out into their surf, often at night, to fish.

They're called skishers. Who knew?

The Wall Street Journal has a piece about how many traditional fishermen look askance at this form of fishing. An excerpt:

During a surfcasting tournament here in the mid-1990s, Mr. Melnyk landed a striped bass large enough to be in contention. Then word got around that he was swimming offshore in a wetsuit with a fishing rod when he caught it.

The tournament committee responded by banning fish caught while swimming. Later—after an incident involving an irate Mr. Melnyk in pirate garb, Captain Morgan rum and floating his baited line hundreds of yards from shore with a kite—it banned Mr. Melnyk.

There's a YouTube video of a trailer for a documentary called "The Skisherman" that shows some of the practitioners of this method of fishing in action.

What I want to know is, is there a place on their wetsuits for the beer?