Ivy Bean, Oldest Known Twitter User, Dies At 104 : The Two-Way Ivy Bean, Twitter's oldest known user (or maybe the oldest in Britain) died at 104. She had 56,000 followers, including some celebrities.
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Ivy Bean, Oldest Known Twitter User, Dies At 104

Ivy Bean, Britain's and perhaps the world's  oldest Twitter user, died Wednesday at age 104. Bob Collier/Press Association via AP hide caption

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Bob Collier/Press Association via AP

I had no idea Ivy Bean even existed until she no longer did.

But apparently many people knew about her since the Englishwoman, the oldest known user of Twitter, had 56,000 followers on the site. She died Wednesday at 104.

The Associated Press calls her the oldest Twitter user. They must know something the BBC doesn't since the British news outlet qualifies matters by saying she was Britain's oldest sender of tweets.

Her handle was IvyBean104. The British news outlet the Sun reported last year that Bean started on Twitter after becoming bored with Facebook.

The BBC reports:

Ivy Bean, from Bradford, acquired over 56,000 followers on the popular micro-blogging service.

Pat Wright, manager of Hillside Manor where Ms Bean lived, broke the news on her Twitter feed.

Ms Bean joined the site in 2008, one year after she registered on Facebook. She soon attracted attention for being the oldest "tweeter".

Her celebrity followers included singer Peter Andre, Chris Evans and ex-prime minister's wife Sarah Brown.

"You could not dislike Ivy," said Mrs Wright.