Michigan Oil Spill Worsens : The Two-Way Oil spill worsens in Michigan, energy bill introduced, Japan tanker trouble

Michigan Oil Spill Worsens

Oil flows down Michigan's Kalamazoo River from an Enbridge pipeline leak. Bill Pugliano/Getty Images North America hide caption

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Bill Pugliano/Getty Images North America

The EPA says 1 million gallons of crude oil burst out of a broken pipeline in Marshall, Mich. on Monday, seeped into Talmadge Creek and then into the Kalamazoo River. Pipeline owner Enbridge Inc. disputes this, estimating 19,500 barrels have leaked. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is livid, saying both the EPA and Enbridge's oil spill response are inadequate.  She says oil has already reached Morrow Lake, where crews are setting up booms to deter the oil.  She fears the oil will reach Lake Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports Enbridge was warned twice this year the busted pipeline could, well, bust.

Update at 9:00 am:

I failed to properly describe the differences in the oil spill estimates, which could lead readers to think either the government or the oil company couldn't add, when the math error is mine. The Enbridge estimate of 19,500 BARRELS of oil is about 819,000 gallons, as one barrel equals about 42 gallons.  The EPA's estimate of one million GALLONS is thus about 23,810 barrels.

Thanks to Matthew Elliot (below) for the catch.


The stripped down legislation doesn't limit carbon emissions or lay out standards for renewable energy production. Environmentalists don't like it but neither do Republican leaders who say it'll cost jobs. They're unhappy that the legislation removes the maximum limit companies would have to pay in case of an oil spill because only companies with deep pockets, such as BP could afford to pay.  Maybe Enbridge would want to watch this.


Circa 1650, A kraken attacking a ship. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Hulton Archive/Hulton Archive hide caption

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Hulton Archive/Hulton Archive

Mitsui O.S.K. Ltd. says one of its tankers damaged yesterday may have been damaged by an "external force". The M.Star was sailing in the Straits of Hormuz, close to the Persian Gulf yesterday when the crew reported an explosion.  Then Mitsui suggested the ship might have been attacked. That idea changed to damage from a freak wave, and today it may have been the result of a collision.  They did rule out an earthquake.