White House Begs WikiLeaks: Don't Publish More Afghan Secrets : The Two-Way White House press secretary Robert Gibbs implored WikiLeaks to not publish more Afghan secrets.

White House Begs WikiLeaks: Don't Publish More Afghan Secrets

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White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sounded a little like a hostage negotiator on Friday as he beseeched WikiLeaks to publish no more of the classified intelligence documents related to the war in Afghanistan. In response to a question from Matt Lauer, he appealed to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to do the right thing and not put Afghans and others in mortal peril.

Gibbs said:

Well, we can do nothing but implore the person that has those classified, top secret documents not to post anymore.

As you mentioned, what Admiral Mullen said, and I talked to him about that yesterday when we had out meeting about Afghanistan and Pakistan, is, look, you have Taliban spokesmen in the region today saying they're combing through those  documents to find people that are cooperating with American and international forces to bring peace to Afghanistan.

They're looking through those for names. And they said they know how to punish those people. I think it is important no more damage be done to our national security and instead we focus on making progress in Afghanistan.