Speak Ebonics? The DEA Wants You : The Two-Way The Associated Press reports that the Drug Enforcement Agency seeks Ebonics translators.

Speak Ebonics? The DEA Wants You

The Drug Enforcement Administration is looking for a few good Ebonics speakers.  Wilfredo Lee/AP hide caption

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Wilfredo Lee/AP

Some stories make you doublecheck the date just to make sure it's not April Fools Day. Such is an Associated Press report that the Drug Enforcement Administration is seeking speakers of Ebonics who can do translation work for its agents in the Southeast.

The AP reported:

ATLANTA (AP) - Federal agents are seeking to hire Ebonicstranslators to help interpret wiretapped conversations involving targets of undercover drug investigations.

Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agent Michael Sanders said the agency recently sent memos asking companies that provide it translation services to help it find nine translators in the Southeast who are fluent in Ebonics.

Ebonics, which is also known as African American VernacularEnglish, has been described by the man who coined the term as the combination of English vocabulary with African language structure.

It's really getting increasingly harder to tell the real from fake news, isn't it?