Americans Want Money More Than Smarts, Thinness, Youth : The Two-Way A Harris Poll found that Americans would rather be richer than smarter, younger or thinner.
NPR logo Americans Want Money More Than Smarts, Thinness, Youth

Americans Want Money More Than Smarts, Thinness, Youth

Harris poll finds Americans want to be richer
AdWeek/Harris Poll/Harris Interactive

Here's a poll that probably says as much about our financially troubled times as anything else. An Adweek Media/Harris Interactive survey of 2,163 adults done at the end of July found 44 percent of respondents saying they'd rather be richer than thinner (21 percent), smarter (14 percent) or younger (12 percent.)

Apparently Americans buy into the start the quote "You can never be too rich or too thin." But the end? Not so much.

There were some gender differences as you'd expect. More men than women said they wanted to be richer. More women than men said they wanted to be thinner.

Here's the one I find hard to believe: more men than women said they'd most want to be younger. (Was Brett Favre in that survey group?)

It's not that men aren't vain in such matters. Of course we are, especially judging by all the commercials I've seen over the years for male hair coloring products to hide that premature grey.

But as the person who wrote the news release on the poll suggests, there is a certain stereotype when it comes to women revealing their age...

Anyway, I think I'd vote to be smarter, assuming it was the kind of intelligence that provided a more profound understanding of how the world works. I'm a journalist at NPR, after all, what would you expect?

What about you, dear readers? Which would be your top pick?