Young Jesus To Be Bollywood Movie Star : The Two-Way Bollywood filmmakers said they planned to make a $30 million movie based on Jesus' young life.
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Young Jesus To Be Bollywood Movie Star

An East Timorese boy in 2006 poses with images of Jesus and some of Bollywood stars, proving that some saw this connection long before others.  JEWEL SAMAD/AFP hide caption

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Normally, when I think Jesus, I don't also think Bollywood, and vice versa.

Guess it just goes to show how narrow a thinker I must be.

The Associated Press reports that Indian filmmakers were in Jerusalem Tuesday to announce their project. An excerpt:

Director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao says his production will have an all-Indian cast of child actors, featuring seven devotional songs.

Producer Konda Krishnam Raju said at a news conference Tuesday that the film focuses on the childhood of Jesus, a contrast with other movies that depict his later years.

"This is the first presentation of this type in Bollywood history," he added.

At $30 million, the filmmakers say, it's one of India's highest budget movies. An average Indian movie costs about $500,000.

The story adds that there are 24 million Christians in India, suggesting there's a market for the movie although given the amount of money reportedly budgeted to make the movie, the filmmakers have to be hoping that its appeal will be far larger than Christians alone.

The story also suggests that there are Bollywood movies based on the life of the older Jesus. If anyone out there can point us to some examples, that would be appreciated.

Bollywood movies are known, of course, for their large singing and dancing numbers, like the example below:


So it will be interesting to see how the filmmakers take the few scenes from Jesus's early life that are available to us through the Gospels and give them the Bollywood treatment — such as when the 12-year old Jesus went missing during a family Passover trip only to be later found essentially holding a seminar with some of the priests.