Happier Countries More Generous : The Two-Way A world wide survey ranks countries in how charitable they are. Near the top, Australia and the U.S. The bottom? China and Madagascar.
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Happier Countries More Generous

Who gives the most? A new report from the British group Charities Aid Foundation looks at which countries are the most generous. The group surveyed people in each country and asked them whether they gave money to charity in the last month, volunteered their time, or helped a stranger.

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Topping the list were Australia and New Zealand. The U.S. came in fifth. Some of the rankings seem obvious, with wealthier nations near the top. But surprisingly countries like Sri Lanka, Guyana and Turkmenistan also ranked near the top.

One possible reason, is happiness. People living in contented countries gave more than people living in unhappy ones. There was a much stronger correlation between happiness and giving than wealth and giving.

Oh, the bottom of the list, near there is China, Greece, and the least charitable country in the world, Madagascar.