Obama Team Mulls Call To Quran-Burn Preacher : The Two-Way Obama Administration officials are mulling a call to the preacher who says he'll burn Qurans on 9/11 anniversary.

Obama Team Mulls Call To Quran-Burn Preacher

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Cherie Cullen/AP Photo/DOD

Obama Administration officials are apparently discussing whether to accede to the demand of the would-be Quran burning preacher of that small church in Gainesville, Fl. who has said he might change his mind if he received a phone call from the White House, Pentagon or State Department.

This is one of those conversations in an administration where someone can be counted on to utter the words "slippery slope." And that might be a good thing.

One obvious consideration administration officials take into account is: will a call to the preacher encourage such demands from other extremists in the future?

Another is: what if the preacher ignores them and burns the Muslim holy books anyway? What then?

Reuters reports the following:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration is discussing whether to call a Florida pastor to ask him to call off plans for a Koran-burning day that U.S. leaders have warned could endanger American troops abroad, the Pentagon said Thursday.

"That possibility is currently under discussion within the administration," Pentagon spokesman Geoffrey Morrell said when asked whether U.S. leaders would call the head of the small Florida church.

"I don't believe they've come to any resolution yet."