Preacher Terry Jones Got Call From Defense Secretary Gates : The Two-Way Pastor Terry Jones, who said he would burn Qurans, got a phone call from Defense Secretary Gates who asked him not to do so due to concerns that troops in Iraq and Afghanistan could be endangered.

Preacher Terry Jones Got Call From Defense Secretary Gates

Defense Secretary Robert Gates called preacher Terry Jones, asking him to call off Quran-burning plan. Paul J. Richards/AFP hide caption

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Paul J. Richards/AFP

Earlier Thursday, the Obama Administration let it be known they were considering having an official reach out directly to Terry Jones, the Florida Pentecostal preacher who threatened to burn Qurans.

Just to close the loop on an earlier post that reported on the administration's considerations, the administration informed the news media that Defense Secretary Robert Gates phoned Jones on Friday.

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said in a statement:

"Secretary Gates reached out to Pastor Jones this afternoon. They had a very brief phone conversation during which the Secretary expressed his grave concern that going forward with the Quran burning would put at risk the lives of our forces around the world, especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he urged the Pastor not to proceed with it."