Jobless Claims Dip; Wholesale Prices Rise : The Two-Way Though there are many other economic indicators pointing to continued tough times, these indicators offer at least a bit of less-than-bad news.
NPR logo Jobless Claims Dip; Wholesale Prices Rise

Jobless Claims Dip; Wholesale Prices Rise

The number of people signing up for unemployment insurance for the first time dipped again last week, the Employment and Training Administration just reported.

It said 450,000 out-of-work folks applied for the benefits, a drop of 3,000 from the previous week and the third decline in four weeks.

Fewer is better than more, but as we reported just a short time ago there's other not-so-great economic news this morning: Home foreclosures hit an all-time high last month according to one widely watched measure.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says wholesale prices rose 0.4% in August from July. Over the past year, though, those prices have risen 3.1%. Sometimes, inflation can be a welcome sign -- if it's telling us that demand is picking up.