'The Well Is Effectively Dead' : The Two-Way BP well is dead; Utah wildfire triggered by National Guard weapons practice; Hurricane Igor blows by Bermuda while Karl peters out
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'The Well Is Effectively Dead'

A dead stingray is found floating in a fish kill in a pass near Bay Joe Wise on the Louisiana coast, Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010. It is the second fish kill discovered in lower Plaquemines Parish in the past week and local officials believe the Deepwater Horizon oil spill may be a factor. Patrick Semansky/Associated Press hide caption

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Patrick Semansky/Associated Press

The oil well that gushed millions of gallons of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico has been permanently sealed. From Incident Commander Thad Allen:

Additional regulatory steps will be undertaken but we can now state, definitively, that the Macondo well poses no continuing threat to the Gulf of Mexico. ... And although the well is now dead, we remain committed to continue aggressive efforts to clean up any additional oil we may see going forward.

The original explosion April 20 killed 11 workers, destroyed the livelihoods of watermen and others, fouled the waters and cost BP chief Tony Hayward his job.


Three homes burned down in Herriman, Utah and at least 300 acres were scorched after weapons training exercises at a nearby National Guard site sent a spark flying into dry brush. Now residents of 1,400 homes in the Salt Lake City suburb near Camp Williams are under mandatory evacuation and asking questions, according to Deseret News:

'Camp Williams starts a fire every year,' Jeremy Shields said. 'It's their shooting.' 'Yeah, I wish I could shoot back,' his dad chimed in. Last year several neighborhoods were warned they might be evacuated. And the year before that — in 2008 — they actually were evacuated for a mountain blaze.

Several residents are sick of it. 'They go up there and play war games,' Jeanie Pettit said as she waited for her husband to drive their car down the mountain. 'There will be people out of their houses because of this. Whether it gets my house or not, I don't know.'

Fire officials say 100 homes are threatened.

Update at 8:20 Eastern: Four homes destroyed; 1,500 evacuated, 3,500 acres are burned.


Hurricane Igor churns in the Atlantic Ocean. HO/Getty hide caption

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The National Hurricane Center says Igor's top winds are 75 miles per hour, making it barely a Category 1 storm as it pushes past the Atlantic Ocean island. Last week, Igor's winds were twice that speed. The storm is so large it will take time to roll over; the NHC is already posting tropical storm watches for Newfoundland. Igor is expected to brush the Canadian coast as it heads for Greenland. Hurricane Karl has petered out in south central Mexico. At least seven people died in storm related incidents.



Rookie Tyler Colvin was racing home from third as teammate Welington Castillo swung at a pitch and broke his maple bat. Shards went flying and one pierced Colvin's chest. He's hospitalized in Miami and while he's apparently stable, mlb.com reports doctors are working to prevent his lung from collapsing. The New York Times is asking whether maple bats are safe; certain types of maple bat were banned this year in minor leagues.