Anti-Immigrant Party In Sweden Wins Seats : The Two-Way A far right party in Sweden, the Sweden Democrats, has won enough seats to potentially play kingmaker in that country's parliament. The win by the anti-immigrant party has shocked many in Sweden.
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Anti-Immigrant Party In Sweden Wins Seats

For a party that wasn't even invited to participate in election debates, and has never won a parliamentary seat before, the far right Sweden Democrats party has won an impressive victory. 20 of Swedens 349 seats.

That's enough seats to deny the governing center-right coalition a majority. Current Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has vowed not to form a coalition with the Sweden Democrats.

"We have in many ways been treated as anything but a political party in this election," said party leader Jimmie Akesson told the BBC. The BBC reports that the party's victory has taken much of establishment Sweden by surprise.


The group's harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric obviously touched a nerve in Sweden. And in a way, they reflect some of the same fears that have touched off parts of the Tea Party movement, concerns about falling budgets and increasing non-native immigration. I wonder if we might see ads like this in some house races in the US this fall. Here a bunch of Burqa cladded women pushing strollers outrun an old woman with a walker running towards a pile of ever shrinking cash. Creepy, undoubtedly, but as a fan of political advertising, I'm not surprised it worked for the Sweden Democrats. And I can't help but think that similar ads may touch on similar fears here.

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