Shooting At University Of Texas : The Two-Way Gunman dead at University of Texas shooting. He opened fire at the library then killed himself. No injuries reported.
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Shooting At University Of Texas

A gunman has killed himself at the University of Texas. The police say a man opened fire with an automatic weapon at the Perry-Castaneda Library this morning, then shot himself. No injuries have been reported. Currently authorities are looking for another suspect.

From the University's Emergency page:

The university is closed.

A suspected shooter in PCL library is dead. Law enforcement are searching for a second suspect. If you are off campus, STAY AWAY. If you are on campus, lock doors, do not leave your building.

Update at 2:05 p.m. EDT: Authorities now say they believe the shooter acted alone and there is no second shooter. The initial confusion was because shots were fired in several locations.