Tube Strike in London : The Two-Way Workers on London's Underground have walked off the job. Millions of people are having to find other ways to get to work.
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Tube Strike in London

Commuters walk in central London, Monday Oct. 4, 2010. London commuters scrambled to get to work amid a one-day strike by the city's subway workers. Lefteris Pitarakis/AP hide caption

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Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

If threats of terror attacks weren't enough, the workers in London's Tube have basically shut down the city's massive subway system in a one day strike. 3.5 million people a day use the Underground, and the London Chamber of Commerce is estimating it costs the city 75 million dollars a day each day the workers are out. Commuters are crowding buses and flooding the skeletal service that is operating.

The Tube workers are protesting, they say, plans to cut some 800 ticket office jobs.

The past week or so has seen labor strikes across Europe, as governments there make deep cuts in spending to make up for increasing deficits.