Bolivia's Morales Aims Low On Soccer Field : The Two-Way Bolivian President Evo Morales takes his soccer seriously. After being fouled in a recent "friendly" game with political opponents, he decided the right response was a low blow.
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Bolivia's Morales Aims Low On Soccer Field

It was supposed to be a friendly game. One team, led by the president of Boliiva, Evo Morales, versus a team led by a political foe, the Mayor of La Paz, Luis Revilla.

Morales team, in green, represented the Movement Toward Socialism party, and the yellow team of Revilla was made up of members of the Movement Without Fear. The match was held to inaugurate a new soccer stadium in La Paz, just some amateurs, a friendly match between rivals.


That didn't last long. In the first five minutes one of the yellow jersey's, Daniel Gustavo Cartagena, fouled Morales, slicing his leg. Morales responded, well, with a knee to the groin.

How did the match end? From the Guardian:

By the end, the match drawn at 4-4, two players from each side had been sent off, including Cartagena and one of the president's bodyguards.

One bodyguard tried to arrest Cartagena after the final whistle, the newspaper La Razón reported, but he was released after Revilla intervened.