Map of Online Communities : The Two-Way XKCD creator Randall Munroe has updated his map of the relative sizes of online communities. Did you know just how popular Farmville is?
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Map of Online Communities

Randall Munroe writes the legendary XKCD comic strip online. Besides being hilariously funny he also produces a few fascinating infographics. His latest is below, a to-scale map representation of the relative sizes of various online communities.

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Go here for a large version.

Munroe's observation:

Best trivia I've learned while working on this: "Man, Farmville is so huge! Do you realize it's the second-biggest browser-based social-networking-centered farming game in the world?" Then you wait for the listener to do a double take.

This is the second of these maps he's done. His first was in 2007. Empires rise and empires fall.