If Only It Were Real: New Monopoly Board Game, Based On HBO Drama 'The Wire' : The Two-Way Fans of the show will recognize "The Tower" and "Marlo Stanfield's Corner," locations on the game board. Of course, players can be sent to jail. (There are two of them.)

If Only It Were Real: New Monopoly Board Game, Based On HBO Drama 'The Wire'

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ArtsBeat highlighted a too-good-to-be-true piece in The Poke., a British satirical website not unlike The Onion: "'The Wire' Monopoly Game." (Apparently, the HBO drama has been a big hit across the pond.)

The article "purports that Hasbro, the toy and game company, has joined forces with Mr. Simon's series about the wide-reaching tentacles of drugs and corruption in urban Baltimore," Dave Itzkoff writes.

You can check out the board here.

Gone are "Community Chest" and "Chance." Instead, there is "Re-up" and "The Game." Avon Barksdale and Marlo Stanfield each has his own corner.

"Hasbro spokesperson" Jane McDougall explains:

If you draw a "The Game" card you might for instance get "Prop Joe calls a meet -- go straight to Collington Square" or "Drive-By! You get shot. Miss a go" or even "Chris and Snoop are looking for you! Hide! Miss 2 goes."

Hamsterdam will cost you $9,000. The Greek Connect? $9,500. The priciest real estate includes Waterfront Development ($14,000) and City Hall ($20,000)

There are hazards, of course, just like in real Monopoly. Fork over $10,000 if you land on "Omar's Coming!" The Internal Revenue Service doesn't play around. If your game piece ends up on "IRS Investigation," that'll be $1 million.