Poetry In Honor Of LeBron : The Two-Way Lebron James is one of those sports firgures whose every move is commented on and covered. Why not poetry as well? WLRN is having a poetry contest to mark his arrival in Miami.
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Poetry In Honor Of LeBron

LeBron James during the first half of a preseason NBA basketball game in Miami. Doesn't he deserve an ode? Pat Carter/AP hide caption

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Pat Carter/AP

WLRN in Miami, a fine and upstanding NPR member station, is running a poetry contest of sorts. Six lines celebrating the arrival of LeBron James in Miami.

My personal favorite:

A self-centered player named James
Was a slam-dunk to win all the games.
Boy, Cleveland was mad
When the Heat signed the lad.
Now the Cavs call LeBron nasty names.

They're going to announce the winner on the day of the Heat opener, October 26th.

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