Iran Loads Fuel Into Nuclear Reactor : The Two-Way Iran loads nuclear power plant; Tariq Aziz sentenced to death; Indonesia earthquake death toll goes up;Grover does Old Spice
NPR logo Iran Loads Fuel Into Nuclear Reactor

Iran Loads Fuel Into Nuclear Reactor

The reactor building at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. ATTA KENARE/Getty hide caption

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Iranian TV says engineers are starting to insert 163 fuel rods into the country's Bushehr reactor, a step originally set for late August. That was halted after engineers discovered a leak and began repairs. Iran got help from Russia to build the plant; NPR's Michele Kelemen reported in August the US doesn't view Bushehr as a risk:

KELEMEN: State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley took the news calmy, noting that Iran is still facing United Nations sanctions, and the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog will be monitoring the power plant.

Mr. P.J. CROWLEY (Spokesman, State Department): Bushehr is designed to provide electricity to Iran. It is not viewed as a proliferation risk because Russia is providing the needed fuel and taking back the spent nuclear fuel, which is the principal source of potential proliferation.

KELEMEN: Crowley argues that the deal also undercuts Iran's argument that it needs to have its own enrichment capability.

Mr. CROWLEY: This is exactly the kind of model that we and others within the international community have offered to Iran over the years.


Tariq Aziz. KAREN BALLARD/Getty hide caption

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Tariq Aziz, the former Deputy Prime Minister to Saddam Hussein will be executed for persecuting Iraqi political parties while Saddam controlled Iraq. The country's High Tribunal also convicted two other top Saddam aides for the same crime. No execution date was set but the method will be by hanging: Saddam himself was hanged Dec. 30, 2006.

Aziz has already been convicted of murder in the 1992 slayings of dozens of Iraqi merchants and received a 15 year prison sentence. He's serving an additional seven years for forcing Kurds to flee their homes in northern Iraq. Aziz is in ill health, and reportedly suffered a stroke in prison. He was known as Saddam's diplomat and came to greater attention during the 1991 Gulf War.


People try to phone relatives after a major quake shook West Sumatra on October 25, 2010. RUS AKBAR/Getty hide caption

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At least 23 people are dead and 160 missing after Monday's major earthquake off Sumatra island. The USGS says the quake's magnitude was 7.7 and there are conflicting reports whether there was a tsunami.  Thousands of people are cramming emergency shelters.


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