BBC News On Strike : The Two-Way Thousands of journalists have walked off the job at the BBC. Their union has called a 48 hour strike in a dispute over pension benefits. Some programs have been cancelled.
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BBC News On Strike

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Ian Nicholson/EMPPL PA Wire

Journalists at the British Broadcasting Corporation are staging a 48 hour strike. Both radio and television hosts are walking out with the National Union of Journalists. Management is scrambling to put together a basic news service. Some programs were cancelled, others replaced by recordings. They've published the new schedule here.

4100 BBC staffers are represented by the NUJ. The root of the dispute is cuts to pension benefits, from the Guardian.

NUJ members voted to go on strike in protest at changes to the BBC's historically generous final salary pension scheme. Management said the changes, which included breaking the link between final salary and pension benefits, were required to tackle a pension deficit estimated at between £1.5bn and £2bn, but members of the union voted to reject what Thompson described as a final improved offer.

The BBC's story on the strikes is here. Another two day strike is planned for Nov. 15 and 16.