Finally, A Section For People Who Went From Dream Wedding To Divorce : The Two-Way The Huffington Post is launching a new section of their website focused on divorce. The anti-wedding channel focuses on stories, news and advice about divorce.

Finally, A Section For People Who Went From Dream Wedding To Divorce

In a world awash with media about weddings, where even the folk who make the cakes get their own reality show, it might have been inevitable that someone would start focusing on the other end of the spectrum, divorce. Well, never let it be said that Arianna Huffington wouldn't take a chance. She's launching a new section on the Huffington Post, Huff Post Divorce. It will be overseen by none other than writer Nora Ephron, who, like Huffington, went through a quite public divorce. From the NYT:

If you can make an entire industry from people who are interested in this topic for a year, imagine what you can do with people who are stuck with divorce for life.

While it doesn't look like the site is up yet, it's supposed to go up today. But there is the Huff Post Divorce Facebook page, which asks questions like:

You have stories, we want to hear them. Like what did you do/what will you do with your engagement/wedding rings?

Or the Twitter feed @HuffPostDivorce. My favorite so far is the uplifting:

Alone for the holidays? Tell us how you cope via twitter or

The section will have advice columns (yes, some from lawyers), news of celebrity divorces, and forums for everyone to talkĀ about their own divorce.