A War Blog For Vets : The Two-Way Alex Horton blogged about his year plus in Iraq. And then about his frustrations with the VA. Then they hired him to blog for them.

A War Blog For Vets

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Veteran's Affairs

The Department of Veteran's Affairs has hired a blogger. Alex Horton, a veteran who blogged his experience in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 at the blog Army of Dude, will now be blogging at the new VA blog VAntage Point. Here's how he describes how the whole thing came about, when he complained about the VA himself.

Along with thousands of veterans going to school, I found myself without a monthly living stipend when the Post-9/11 GI Bill went live last year. Simply navigating a complex benefit package like the GI Bill required research and painful lessons learned, but how to tell a landlord I couldn't make rent wasn't in any FAQ provided by the federal government. I sent my grievances to the only person I knew at the Department of Veterans Affairs - Brandon Friedman - and within hours I was speaking with Keith Wilson, the Director of Education Services for the Department. He was able to answer enough questions to spur a followup post, which went far to explain some confusing and frustrating aspects of the GI Bill.

A few months later Friedman offered him a job blogging for the VA, and hopefully helping other veterans like himself.