Bush Would Have Endorsed Obama? 'Ridiculous,' Aide Says : The Two-Way A story by the Financial Times about what the former president supposedly said has gotten lots of attention, but isn't true, a spokesman for Bush says.
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Bush Would Have Endorsed Obama? 'Ridiculous,' Aide Says

March 5, 2008 at the White House: President George W. Bush endorses the presidential bid of fellow Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona. Gerald Herbert/AP hide caption

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Gerald Herbert/AP

One day after the Financial Times' Westminster blog ran this headline ... :

"Bush: 'I probably won't even vote for McCain' "

... And said that "two people present" during a 2008 visit to the Oval Office by British dignitaries claimed Bush also said, "I'd have endorsed Obama if they'd asked me." ...

... There's this:

" 'This is ridiculous and untrue,' Bush spokesman David Sherzer told Politico. 'President Bush proudly supported John McCain in the election and voted for him.' "

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