Still No Trade Deal With South Korea : The Two-Way Obama in South Korea; cholera in Haiti; smuggling ring broken in Arizona; disabled cruise ship returning to San Diego
NPR logo Still No Trade Deal With South Korea

Still No Trade Deal With South Korea

President Barack Obama speaks with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak during their bilateral meeting in Seoul. Pool/Getty hide caption

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President Obama wanted to sign a languishing trade accord with South Korean leaders when he arrived in Seoul for the Group of 20 summit, opening today. It won't happen yet. The agreement was first proposed by President Bush in 2007 but it's faced opposition here from lawmakers and industry who want South Korea to throw open its market to American vehicles and beef. Mr. Obama hopes for a deal 'within a matter of weeks', and says negotiations continue.


A man steps into a disinfectant wash prior to entering a Port-au-Prince hospital. THONY BELIZAIRE/Getty hide caption

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NPR's Jason Beaubien reports for NPR's Newscasts that it's now in half of Haiti's 10 provinces. He says officials confirmed 73 cases in Port-au-Prince, where more than 1 million earthquake survivors live in tents or other makeshift housing. Doctors Without Borders is treating more than 200 people in the capital for severe diarrhea, a symptom associated with cholera. People need clean water to avoid the disease, an unreliable item before the January quake that killed hundreds of thousands of people. It can kill people within hours.


Authorities arrested 13 people, suspected of smuggling thousands of people from Latin American into the United States. The Arizona Republic reports authorities impounded 62 vans used to move people. The investigation started a year ago when a patrol officer doing a routine check noticed several vans in a parked in a lot with tinted windows and reinforced shock absorbers.


A U.S. Navy helicopter delivers pallets of supplies to the Carnival cruise ship Splendor off the coast of California. U.S. Navy/Getty hide caption

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U.S. Navy/Getty

The hapless Carnival Splendor cruise ship docks in San Diego today after its disastrous engine fire on Monday that cut short the vacationers' plans. Passengers can use their toilets but are eating Spam and cold Pop Tarts. MSNBC quotes a cruise line official who says everyone aboard is coping well with 'obvious challenges'. You can track the ship's progress at Or read passengers' descriptions on Twitter, via the L.A. Times.