Name Putin's Puppy : The Two-Way Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has a new puppy, and he want you to name it. Well, the collective you anyway.
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Name Putin's Puppy

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds his new puppy. NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images/AFP hide caption

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Russian Prime Minister (and possibly once and future president) Vladimir Putin got a new Bulgarian Shepherd puppy the other day. A gift from his Bulgarian counterpart. But he just doesn't know what to name it, so he's opened up to everyone to suggest names. You can go to his site and submit your own, or feel free to do so in the comments here.

Relying on Google translate here are some of the leading contenders so far:

Something patriotic:

Roth, Rouse, Rossi (author of the last sentence explains that the word is used of the word "Russia" or the name of the largest Italian-born architect Rossi, whose buildings and architectural ensembles of steel decoration of St. Petersburg and its environs)

But the most popular mention the dog's homeland, Bulgaria:

Bratko, Shipka, Theodore (Bulgarian tsar), Pepper. Not gone unnoticed in the Russian-Bulgarian relations: Borus (Bulgaria-Russia), Breen (Bulgarian-Russian initiatives). But the most common suggestion to name the puppy Balkans.

My personal favorite I saw at Gawker is Dogka.