Flying Should Be Fun This Week; Protests Over New Screening Procedures : The Two-Way At least two different internet groups are calling for a National Opt Out day on Wednesday, and insist on a pat down.The goal is to bring the TSA screening process to a screeching halt.

Flying Should Be Fun This Week; Protests Over New Screening Procedures

The outrage over the new security screening at airports is continuing to draw fire. As more and more stories have been coming out by people outraged by the full body scanners or extremely intimate pat downs there is growing pressure on the Transportation Security Administration. One of the most egregious making the rounds is this video showing a young kid having his shirt begin taken off.

A young boy is searched at a TSA checkpoint in Salt Lake City.


Over the weekend at least one high ranking Obama administration official said she wouldn't like the new procedures. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was asked on CBS's Face the Nation yesterday is she would submit to the new searches. "Not if I could avoid it," she said. "I mean, who would?"

At least two separate people have started protest movements that, if carried out could make flying this Thanksgiving something of a nightmare, even worse than usual. Both National Optout Day and We Won't Fly are calling on people to opt out of the full body scanners and insist on pat downs on Wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. We Won't Fly co-founder James Babb said simply, “TSA does not have the manpower to stick their hands in the pants of everyone coming through there."

John Pistole, the head of TSA, released a statement amid the growing furor on Sunday.

We welcome feedback and comments on the screening procedures from the traveling public, and we will work to make them as minimally invasive as possible while still providing the security that the American people want and deserve.

But while Pistole welcomes feedback, it doesn't look like the procedures will change anytime soon. And, he stressed, "We cannot forget that less than one year ago a suicide bomber with explosives in his underwear tried to bring down a plane over Detroit."

And the people behind that attack, and the recent parcel bombs, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, released the next issue of their English language magazine Inspire over the weekend. And they laid out part of their strategy. From the NYT.

“This strategy of attacking the enemy with smaller but more frequent operations is what some may refer to as the strategy of a thousand cuts.”

The goal, they continue, is "to bleed the enemy to death."

Please share your experiences with the new screening in the comments.

Update at 9:25 a.m. ET. "Body Scans, Pat-Downs: What's Your Opinion?"