Number Of Hate Crimes Down In '09, FBI Says : The Two-Way Even though more jurisdictions were collecting the data, the number of cases declined. Figures on racial- and religious-motivated crimes changed little.
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Number Of Hate Crimes Down In '09, FBI Says

There were 6,604 incidents classified as hate crimes in the U.S. last year, down from 7,783 in 2008, the FBI just reported.

There's a pdf of the bureau's report here. Among the findings:

An analysis of the 6,598 single-bias incidents reported in 2009 showed the following:

-- 48.5 percent were motivated by racial bias.

-- 19.7 percent resulted from religious bias.

-- 18.5 percent were linked to sexual-orientation bias.

-- 11.8 percent stemmed from ethnicity/national origin bias.

-- 1.5 percent involved disability bias.

About 3,800 of the "single-bias" hate crimes were racially motivated, the FBI says, and 71 percent of those were "motivated by anti-black bias." That's little changed from 2008, when 73% were anti-black.

Of the 1,376 hate crimes "motivated by religious bias," 70 percent were anti-Jewish and 9 percent were anti-Islamic. In 2008, according to the FBI, about 66 percent of hate crimes involving religious bias were anti-Jewish and 8 percent were anti-Islamic.