Obama Said To Be 'Outraged' By North Korea's Actions : The Two-Way The U.S. will be consulting with South Korea and other allies on how to respond to today's shelling.
NPR logo Obama Said To Be 'Outraged' By North Korea's Actions

Obama Said To Be 'Outraged' By North Korea's Actions

From a Q&A this morning aboard Air Force One as President Obama was flying to Kokomo, IN. White House spokesman Bill Burton was taking questions from reporters:

-- Question: "Does the president consider North Korea’s actions (shelling an island in the South; killing two South Korean marines and injuring others) an act of war?"

Burton: "As you know, the president is outraged by these actions. ... We stand shoulder to shoulder with our ally in South Korea. And as the president said in Korea, we're fully committed to their defense.

"Our condolences go to the victims of this attack. And we'll be working with South Korea and the international community in coming days on the best way forward in securing peace and stability in the region."

-- Question: "Any specifics on what we will be doing to stand with South Korea? Are we sending additional troops? Are we moving any ships into the area?"

Burton: "We're going to continue to work with them, but I don't have any news for you on any specifics."

-- Question: "Does the president view this as an act of provocation?"

Burton: "It’s an outrageous act. ..."

-- Question: "So 'outrageous act,' not a 'provocative act'?"

-- Burton: "I don't want to get out the thesaurus on all the things that the president thinks are terrible."

The president is due to speak at an event in Kokomo shortly. If he has any comments on today's news from the Koreas, we'll pass it along.