Blizzard Snarls Holiday Travel, Commuters Stuck For Hours : The Two-Way Blizzard pummels west coast
NPR logo Blizzard Snarls Holiday Travel, Commuters Stuck For Hours

Blizzard Snarls Holiday Travel, Commuters Stuck For Hours

Traffic on the West Seattle Bridge is gridlocked coming out of downtown Monday, Nov. 22, 2010. Imagine if they were all headed for the airport. Elaine Thompson/AP hide caption

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Elaine Thompson/AP

The AP calls it a 'hectic' storm, while the more sedate National Weather Service notes 'blowing snow and frigid temperatures (will) descend upon eastern Utah and western Colorado'. Schools, businesses and major roads are closing on the busiest travel day of the year, as people head for Thanksgiving destinations.

But some kind of travel nightmare award should go to Seattle commuters, who've dealt with the bad weather since Monday night. Many were stuck on the roads for hours. The Seattle Times features stupefying stories on its 'Tales of the Commute' blog. Here's somebody who needed nearly 10 hours to get home:

Traffic started slowing at Boeing field and then came to a halt and we were going nowhere. ALL LANES BLOCKED at the Duwamish curve about 2 miles ahead. We were trapped and for the next 9 hours, we would move a couple car lengths in an hour. Finally, around 2am, and a 1/4 tank of gas later, things started to move at about 2 mph.

The Times says 'our trial by ice isn't over'. It's just as bad next door in Idaho, where the Idaho Statesman says snowfall ranged from eight to 35 inches in some parts of the state. The big worry is the frigid cold: the mercury will fall below zero by tomorrow in many of these areas.