Obama And Tax Compromise: Loved And Hated : The Two-Way Obama defends tax compromise with GOP; new suicide bombing in Pakistan; Washington Redskins suspend Haynesworth
NPR logo Obama And Tax Compromise: Loved And Hated

Obama And Tax Compromise: Loved And Hated

Here's a headline you don't often see: 'Barack Obama's tax plan could squeak by with GOP help'. That's from Politico today, which estimates 39 GOP senators could back the legislation to extend certain tax breaks for wealthier Americans, in addition to extending emergency unemployment benefits for jobless Americans. Senators Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) don't want to extend the unemployment benefits without paying for them. The New York Times reports Obama's bigger problem is furious liberal Democrats:

The anger was rawer in the House, where Democrats met on Tuesday evening to discuss the proposal. “I don’t think the president should count on Democratic votes to get this deal passed,” said Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York.

NPR's Ari Shapiro tells Morning Edition it's all in how you look at it:

Shapiro: The deal....either shows that he can work with Republicans, or that he can cave to Republicans.

Obama: A long political fight that carrier over into next year might have been good politics, but it would be a bad deal for the economy and it would be a bad deal for the American people.


The AP says at least 15 people died when a suicide bomber set off a device in Kohat, near Peshawar and close to Pakistan's border with Afghanistan. Most of the victims were inside a small bus.  Today's attack follows a twin bombing on Monday in Ghalanai: UPI reports two men set off separate devices inside a government building where tribal elders were meeting. Two Pakistani journalists were killed. and a third was injured. The Pakistani news site, Dawn reports the Pakistani Tribal Union of Journalists is in mourning


This is burning up D.C.: yesterday, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan suspended defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth for the rest of the season without pay. The reason? The AP says after Haynesworth decided to stop speaking to Shanahan, he was hit with 'conduct unbecoming to the team'. ESPN's Sarah Spain calls Albert out - for being lazy.

If you're a true athlete, you should never lie down on the field while the play is still going on. You should never show up to work so out of shape you can't complete a conditioning test that the sports reporters covering you can. You should never pocket $100 million dollars, then refuse to play the scheme chosen by your team. Haynesworth is not an athlete, he's an overpaid diva whose lack of heart should be grounds enough to strip him of his paycheck and his jersey.

Spain isn't the only journalist to condemn Haynesworth's actions, but I've watched with interest this season as he's been particularly roasted by Washington Post women sports reporters.

Sally Jenkins: 'He doesn't care. He would be just as happy if the Redskins cut or released him next season, so he can move on down the river, like Cleopatra's barge, to plunder another community.'

Tracee Hamilton, last June: 'Albert Haynesworth has been the vuvuzela of the Redskins' offseason, that annoying buzzing you can't get out of your head. ... The buzzing reached World Cup levels Wednesday, when Haynesworth failed to report to mandatory minicamp in an apparent attempt to force a trade.

Here's the painful vid:

No. 92, Albert Haynesworth.


From the Post's Dan Steinberg on the Nov. 15 game that Washington lost to Philadelphia, 59-21: 'Haynesworth on the ground, not getting up, allowing one final block on Andre Carter to give Michael Vick one final second to throw his eleventy billionth touchdown of the game.'