As Florida Coach Meyer Steps Away, Fresno's Hill Takes Big Pay Cut : The Two-Way Two very different stories about college football coaches. One is near the top of the profession's pay scale -- and is retiring to "focus on my family." The other is well-paid too, but says cutting his salary by a third is the "right thing to do."
NPR logo As Florida Coach Meyer Steps Away, Fresno's Hill Takes Big Pay Cut

As Florida Coach Meyer Steps Away, Fresno's Hill Takes Big Pay Cut

There's big news about big-time college football in the Sunshine State: University of Florida coach Urban Meyer says he's retiring.

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Of course, as the St. Petersburg Times reminds us, "last Dec. 26, Meyer announced his resignation, citing health reasons. The next day he changed his mind and returned after a leave of absence."

So stay tuned. Still, the 46-year-old Meyer said in a statement today that "at this time in my life ... I fully grasp the sacrifices my 24/7 profession has demanded of me, and I know it is time to put my focus on my family and life away from the field." He's coached Florida to two national championships.

There's an arguably just-as-interesting story today about a college football coach in California. USA TODAY writes that among the things it turned up in its annual analysis of coaches' salaries was this:

Fresno State's Pat Hill has agreed to a three-year contract that reduces  his nearly $1 million annual salary by about one-third. Since the newspaper began tracking the coaches' salaries in 2006, this is "the first known instance of a school's current coach accepting a new contract with that kind of reduction in annual guarantee."

Why did Hill agree to it? Here's what USA TODAY reports:

" 'I didn't do it to be a hero or a martyr. I did it because it was the right thing to do in this situation,' Hill says, pointing to layoffs, furloughs and program cuts across the cash-strapped Fresno State campus. The school's projected athletics budget of $24.2 million this year is pared by almost $1.1 million from 2008-09."

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