In U.K., Thousands Of Students In Streets Again To Protest Tuition Hike : The Two-Way Scuffles have broken out in London while members of Parliament debate whether to push tuition and other fees up sharply.

In U.K., Thousands Of Students In Streets Again To Protest Tuition Hike

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Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Inside the British Parliament right now, "lawmakers are debating a sharp increase in university tuition and cuts in higher education spending," Larry Miller reports for NPR from London.

And outside Parliament, "thousands of student protesters are marching." Students are in the streets of other U.K. cities as well, Larry says.

The scenes right now on CNN and some of the other cable news networks show some scuffles with police and some tear gas or similar irritant being dispersed in a bid to break up the crowd. And it looks like some of the protesters are setting small fires.

Students and their supporters are posting a steady stream of updates on Twitter, marked #solidarity, #demo2010 and #dayx3.

The BBC is following the story here. The Guardian is live-blogging.

Update at 1:35 p.m. ET. Parliament OKs The Hike: Press YouTube

"British lawmakers have approved a controversial plan to triple university tuition fees with a narrow margin as some government legislators rebelled amid violent protests outside Parliament," the AP now reports. "The plan to raise the cap on tuition fees to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) was approved, 323-302, a small margin given the government's 80-set majority."

Update at 10:55 a.m. ET. The Associated Press has posted this "raw video" of what's happening in London: