'Cheese Shop' Sketch Inspired Putting Wheel Of LeBrouere Into Orbit : The Two-Way The "secret payload" aboard the first launch into orbit and return to Earth by a private company was a wheel of LeBrouere. Why? For fun and in a tribute to the legendary comic troupe.

It Went Where No Cheese Had Gone Before, Thanks To 'Monty Python'

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Chris Thompson/SpaceX

When we heard that a wheel of cheese had been sent into space this week aboard the first ever launch into orbit and return to Earth by a private company, we were curious.

When we heard that the cheese was sent along as "a tribute to a sketch by the British comedy group Monty Python," we got really curious. Python fans have long loved the "cheese shop" sketch. Is it as good as many remember?

Well, it's not yet among the many clips that the Pythons have helpfully posted online. But it is widely available online, including this version that's been viewed about 1.3 million times in nearly four years. So, judge for yourself:


Oh, and yes -- we do realize that cheese has probably flown in space before. Don't take that headline too seriously!