Debate: WikiLeaks And The 'First Serious Infowar' : The Two-Way Former National Intelligence Director John Negroponte and Electronic Frontier Foundation founder John Perry Barlow square off.

Debate: WikiLeaks And The 'First Serious Infowar'

Two people with very different views about what WikiLeaks has been doing engaged in an interesting conversation today during WBUR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook show.

Making the case for increased transparency: John Perry Barlow, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who argues we're in the midst of an infowar between those who favor transparency and those who think the government needs to keep many things close to the vest.

Making the case that many things a government does need to be kept behind closed doors: John Negroponte, who was director of National Intelligence in the George W. Bush administration and is a former ambassador to Iraq.

"You can't run our business this way -- the nation's business," said Negroponte, about the revealing of thousands of pages of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks.

"I think that we have a classification system in this country that is in fact not even beneficial to the intelligence agencies," because it keeps information from being effectively shared, said Barlow.

Listen and see if you agree that there was much food for thought.