Today's Agenda: State Of The Union, State Of The Oscars : The Two-Way We'll begin the day hearing about the movies and actors nominated for Oscars. We'll end the day hearing from President Obama about the "state of the union."
NPR logo Today's Agenda: State Of The Union, State Of The Oscars

Today's Agenda: State Of The Union, State Of The Oscars

Good morning.

While the investigation continues into Monday's deadly suicide bomb attack at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, the other top news stories of the day (if all goes as planned, of course) will come from two very different kinds of events.

First, at 8:30 a.m. ET, this year's Oscar nominations will be announced. Over at Monkey See, Linda Holmes previews the story with "five curious questions" she thinks will be answered today. We'll pass along word about the nominations when they happen. — and Monkey See has embedded a player for the live webcast.

Then at the end of the day — 9 p.m. ET — there's President Obama's State of the Union address (followed by a Republican response from Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin). NPR's Liz Halloran writes this morning that Obama will step to the microphone "riding a boost in approval ratings and a temporary respite from the harsh political rhetoric that has marked much of his two years in the White House." We'll be live-blogging before, during and after the address. NPR will have live coverage on the air and streaming on this website. And NPR correspondents will be reporting throughout the evening.

Some of this morning's pre-speech headlines include:

The New York Times: "Uncertainty Over Economy Clouds Obama Speech."

The Wall Street Journal: "Rep. Ryan Is Republican Point Man."

Politico: "For Barack Obama, A New Effort To Connect."

Other stories making headlines today:

— BBC News: "Day Of Rage In Tripoli Over Hezbollah Move."

— Al Jazeera: Palestinian Authority "Selling Short The Refugees."

Politico: Environmental Adviser "Carol Browner To Leave White House."