'Small Explosion' In Davos Blamed On Fireworks : The Two-Way No one was injured. The World Economic Forum, which attracts world leaders, is happening now in the Swiss resort town.
NPR logo 'Small Explosion' In Davos Blamed On Fireworks

'Small Explosion' In Davos Blamed On Fireworks

"A small blast" that broke two windows at a hotel in Davos, Switzerland, today caused no injuries, the Associated Press reports. And officials from the World Economic Forum, the global gathering of of world leaders, corporate CEOs, artists and activists, say some type of fireworks did the damage.

The forum's annual conclave, known simply as "Davos" to those who attend, has become a target for protests from across the political spectrum. The demonstrations usually happen elsewhere in Switzerland as demonstrators avoid the tight security thrown up around Davos to protect attendees such as former President Bill Clinton and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (who spoke there today).