Massive Protest In Egypt; Massive Winter Storm In U.S. : The Two-Way Two major stories will likely dominate today's news.
NPR logo Massive Protest In Egypt; Massive Winter Storm In U.S.

Massive Protest In Egypt; Massive Winter Storm In U.S.

Good morning. We'll be tracking two major stories all day.

There's the amazing scene in Cairo, where anti-government protesters hope to bring 1 million people to Tahrir Square to demand that President Hosni Mubarak step down. We're live-blogging the news about that here.

And then there's the huge winter storm that's sweeping across the Midwest and heading for the Northeast and New England. We'll start live-blogging on that a little later. This sounds like one to take seriously. In Chicago, both newspapers are using the word "blizzard" to describe what's coming. And here's what the National Weather Service has to say:

"A major winter storm is still expected to develop over Texas tonight, and intensify rapidly as it moves northeast into the Ohio Valley Tuesday night and Wednesday, then eventually re-form off the mid-Atlantic or New England coast late Wednesday. The storm has the potential to produce one to two feet of snow for a large swath of the central and northeastern states, from Oklahoma to Maine, with a swath of heavy freezing rain (quarter inch or more) to the south and east of the heavy snow area, including along the Mason-Dixon line north of Washington, D.C."

Other stories making headlines include:

Politico: "Health Care Could Be High-Court Nail-Biter": "Monday's federal court decision striking down the Democrats health care reform law is just Act I in a long legal drama — and nobody knows how it will end. The suspense is killing both sides."

From a related post at NPR's Shots blog:

The New York Times — "Pakistani Nuclear Arms Pose Challenge to U.S. Policy": "New American intelligence assessments have concluded that Pakistan has steadily expanded its nuclear arsenal since President Obama came to office, and that it is building the capability to surge ahead in the production of nuclear-weapons material, putting it on a path to overtake Britain as the world's fifth largest nuclear weapons power."

— Australian Broadcasting: "Queensland Braces For Cyclone": "In Queensland, a new emergency is looming. As the state grapples with the aftermath of the worst floods in its history, Cyclone Yasi, packing winds of up to 280 kilometres an hour, is heading for the north coast. The military has been called in to help with mass evacuations in Cairns and residents are fleeing low-lying areas in other centers."