Egypt: 'Friday Of Martyrs' Protests Planned : The Two-Way The crisis, in its 16th day, continues. Along with the protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square, there are reports of labor strikes in several places.
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Egypt: 'Friday Of Martyrs' Demonstrations Planned

Some of the latest news from Egypt, where anti-government protesters are into their 16th day of demonstrations and continue to demand that President Hosni Mubarak step down:

— "We are hoping that the 'Friday of Martyrs' will be the world['s] largest funeral to bid farewell to 300 Egyptians," tweets Wael Ghonim, the young Google executive who has become one of the symbols of the opposition since being released after 12 days in custody.

— Ghonim told CNN that he is "ready to die" to bring change to Egypt, the news network says.

— "Anti-government protesters in Egypt are continuing their occupation of Cairo's Tahrir Square for a 16th day and have blocked the entrance to parliament," the BBC reports. "There are reports of strikes and industrial unrest around the country."

— "A day after Egyptians staged one of their biggest protests in the capital," Reuters says, "Tahrir Square remained crowded although no demonstration had been scheduled."

— "Al-Jazeera's Stephanie Dekker reports that the the labor strikes are growing, with at least 6,000 in Cairo alone. She said that while the unions aren't calling for Mubarak to step down, they're using the opportunity to show their displeasure with the government and their wages."