Spider-Man: Is It Any Good? : The Two-Way Spider-Man reviews aren't that good
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Spider-Man: Is It Any Good?

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Jeff Lunden has a hilarious story today on Morning Edition, with this simple premise: given all the hype surrounding the beleaguered Broadway production, is the show worth it? The score is by U2's Bono and The Edge, and it's written and directed by the renowned Julie Taymor. Despite cost overruns, technical problems and grave injuries to cast members, performances are packed. But Jeff reports that critics hate it.

Bloomberg reviewer Jeremy Gerard says "Julie Taymor was talking about how she was going to create this great American myth about Spider-Man as this iconic figure and a really American kind of superhero. And what we got was gibberish."

Ben Brantley of the New York Times says each performance should include a technical glitch "because only when things go wrong in this production does it feel remotely right..."

SNL was ahead of Brantley this weekend, spoofing the problematic production with a mock law firm's appeal to injured Spider-Man audience members, and promises of future performance tickets.

But Jeff talks to audience members who've loved it, and ends by citing New York Magazine review Jess Green who observes, "You know, the future of America is not at stake. It's not a terrorist hive. It's just a show!"