Bahraini Police Attack Protesters, ABC Reporter : The Two-Way Bahrain protests; Libya protests; no Iranian warships in Suez Canal; controversial anti-union law passes Wisconsin state house
NPR logo Bahraini Police Attack Protesters, ABC Reporter

Bahraini Police Attack Protesters, ABC Reporter

Sleeping protesters in Bahrain were startled awake when police burst into Pearl Square at night, firing tear gas and concussion grenades. The New York Times reports men, women and children choked and ran as police chased them: five people are dead, some reportedly killed in their sleep.

NPR's Peter Kenyon tells NPR Newscasts that paramedics rushing to scene were dragged out of their ambulances and beaten, forcing them to the hospital for treatment. ABC News says its correspondent, Miguel Marquez was attacked and badly beaten. Marquez's report can be heard here: he says Bahraini officials don't want the anti-government protests to grow.


This is the Day of Anger in Libya, as protesters rally to demand the ouster of Col. Moammar Gaddafi. The New York Times says there are reports at least one person died and several more were hurt in clashes. The AP cites a Libyan anti-government website that claims four people died in the city of Beyida.


CNN talked to Egyptian officials who say no Iranian warships have requested permission to sail through the Suez Canal. As Eyder wrote yesterday, Israel claimed two Iranian vessels would transit the waterway and Israeli officials said they'd take this as a provocation. Reuters goes further, saying Iran 'cancelled' travel plans for the ships and no new sailing date has been set.


The Wisconsin state senate will take up a controversial bill stripping state, county and local public sector unions of significant collective bargaining rights, including pay, the right to negotiate over health benefits others. Police, firefighter and state troopers are exempted. WISC-TV, Madison reports the measure passed the state house with no Democratic support;members voted as some 10,000 protesters camped in or around the state capitol. CNN reports so many teachers showed up to protest that 15 Wisconsin school districts cancelled classes.