Pink Slips Today In Wisconsin? : The Two-Way Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he'll send out layoff notices
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Pink Slips Today In Wisconsin?

Today's the day Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker warned he would start sending out layoff notices, because state senate Democrats won't return to work to vote on his controversial financial legislation. As Frank writes for It's All Politics,

As most people know who've been following the fall of civilization, Wisconsin-style, the governor says his budget-repair bill needs to pass because it contains provisions that will reduce costs for the state and municipalities. The bill infamously includes language that would end most collective bargaining rights for public-employee unions.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports the Wisconsin senate Republicans ordered the arrest of the missing Democrats but it's unclear if that's constitutional because the Democrats haven't broken any laws.

So relax and let Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and NBC's Brian Will.i.ams jam it all for you.