On Web: Time To 'prayforjapan'; Google Launches 'Person Finder' : The Two-Way Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are filled with reports. Google's tool aims to help people contact their friends and family. Here's how to follow the story.

On Web: Time To 'prayforjapan'; Google Launches 'Person Finder'

As the story of today's massive, 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan and the tsunami warnings across the Pacific continues to unfold, social media are again playing their part in spreading the news.

-- On Twitter, the search terms #prayforjapan and #tsunami are "trending." And NPR's Andy Carvin (@acarvin) is again monitoring what's being reported on Twitter.

-- Google has launched a "person finder tool" to help connect families and friends with their loved ones in Japan.

-- NPR and other news outlets are using Facebook to collect reports from the scenes. Facebook has more information here as well.

-- YouTube is filling up with video:

Associated Press YouTube
Associated Press YouTube