'Leaps And Bounds' In Rep. Giffords' Recovery, Doctor Says : The Two-Way She is speaking in sentences, walking without assistance and can recall childhood memories. The congresswoman did not remember the shooting rampage that critically injured her and killed six others, but has been told about what happened.
NPR logo 'Leaps And Bounds' In Rep. Giffords' Recovery, Doctor Says

'Leaps And Bounds' In Rep. Giffords' Recovery, Doctor Says

"Rep. Gabrielle Giffords can speak in full sentences, walk with assistance and express excitement about her progress," The Arizona Republic reports, after doctors treating the Arizona Democrat spoke with reporters earlier today.

And, said Dr. Dong Kim, director of Memorial Hermann's neuroscience institute in Houston, "I'm very happy to report that she is making leaps and bounds in terms of neurological recovery."

Giffords, who is in Houston recovering from a gunshot wound to her head suffered on Jan. 8 when a gunman attacked an event she was holding at a strip mall in Tucson, Ariz., may even be well enough to attend next month's space shuttle launch in Florida. Her husband, astronaut Mark Kelley, is scheduled to be aboard.

Six people were killed and another 13, including Giffords, were shot during the Tucson rampage.

Doctors also said today that the congresswoman has been told she was shot, but has no memory of the event. She is able to recall things from her childhood and other past events, however, another sign of her continued improvement.