D.C. Fourth Grader Brings Cocaine To School : The Two-Way The 10-year-old boy shared the cocaine with schoolmates, who ended up in the hospital.
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D.C. Fourth Grader Brings Cocaine To School

A fourth-grade boy brought cocaine to a Washington, D.C. classroom and shared it with four schoolmates on Thursday. Local website TBD.com reports that several Thompson Elementary students were taken to the hospital after either eating the cocaine or sniffing it.

The Washington Post reports:

When the students became ill, a teacher spoke with the student suspected of distributing a substance and alerted the main office. The students were evaluated by a school nurse and EMTs before being taken to the hospital. School officials said police later determined that the substance was cocaine.

Drug use among elementary school students is not widespread, and the federal government's two largest annual reports don't survey anyone younger than 12.

Radio news station WTOP reports that the ten-year-old boy who brought the cocaine to school has been placed in foster care along with a younger sibling. WTOP reports that the D.C. Attorney General's office has decided not prosecute. The child's parents, however, could face criminal charges.

All the children are expected to be OK.

Here is the news report from local station WJLA:

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