China Calls Google's Gmail Accusations 'Unacceptable' : The Two-Way With a short, terse statement China dismissed Google's accusation that it was targeting its e-mail service.
NPR logo China Calls Google's Gmail Accusations 'Unacceptable'

China Calls Google's Gmail Accusations 'Unacceptable'

China's Foreign Ministry denied accusations made yesterday by Google that China was interfering with its e-mail service.

As we reported yesterday, Google said the Chinese government was slowing down access within Gmail to make it appear as though it was malfunctioning.

The Guardian reports China responded to the accusations during a news conference in Beijing:

Jiang Yu, a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, told a regular news conference: "This is an unacceptable accusation." She declined to comment further. The ministry of commerce and ministry of industry and information technology did not respond to faxed questions.