Wrong Door, Mr. President! : The Two-Way When he returned home from Latin America yesterday, President Obama found one door to the Oval Office locked.

Wrong Door, Mr. President!

We've all done something like it — pushed on a door that clearly says "pull;" tried to open an emergency exit; or maybe walked into a screen door.

But when you're the president and almost every public move you make is caught on camera, it gets noticed and commented upon when you try to open a door to the Oval Office and it's locked.

That's what happened to President Obama yesterday when he returned from Latin America, as CBSNews.com shows in this video. He seems to take it all in stride (and appears to be whistling as he goes), as you can see. The next door down was open.

There's also this version from the White House 2012 blog that's tracking the race for the Republican presidential nomination. You won't be shocked to hear that it has a little fun at the president's expense. It set the scene to the tune of Hail to the Chief.

White House 2012 YouTube

This isn't the first time the president's had a bit of trouble getting into the Oval Office from outside. Shortly after his inauguration, he tried to enter through a door-sized window.

And door issues are not unique to this commander in chief. You might recall President George W. Bush's amusing moment in 2005 when he tried to open a door in China.