Morning Headlines: Food Dyes Examined, VA Tech Fined : The Two-Way FDA examines food dyes; VA Tech fined for shooting response; Portugal closer to bailout; healthy counties in the U.S.
NPR logo Morning Headlines: Food Dyes Examined, VA Tech Fined

Morning Headlines: Food Dyes Examined, VA Tech Fined

While we track developments in Libya, here's a look at some other morning headlines.

A Food and Drug Administration panel will compare studies of artificial food dyes to see whether they trigger hyperactivity in children. NPR's April Fulton says these dyes have been on the market for years but some nutrition experts believe there's enough evidence to suggest they should be banned. Other experts don't yet see conclusive evidence.

The federal government fined Virginia Tech $55,000 for its poor response to the April, 2007 shootings by a student gunmen. He killed 32 people and committed suicide. USA Today says the gunman killed two students at 7:15 a.m. but the university didn't issue wider warnings for two more hours, so people walked the campus unaware the gunman was at large.

Portugal is closer to a possible bailout. The Guardian reports Portuguese borrowing costs are greater while rating agency Standard and Poor cut its debt to junk status. Investors won't want to buy Portuguese government bonds; the country may imitate Greece and Ireland and seek money from the European Union to stabilize its debt.

A new study ranks the health of people in almost all counties in the country. The second annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation finds healthier people live in cities and have higher paying jobs; sicker people live in rural areas where businesses are leaving; so are younger, healthier residents. Find the report here.