Cat Lovers: Can Your Pet Purr Louder Than Smokey? : The Two-Way The English feline has a personal record of 92 decibels. Her purr's been compared to a lawn mower and a passenger jet.

Cat Lovers: Can Your Pet Purr Louder Than Smokey?

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She didn't register a personal best, but Smokey the LOUD cat has made her case for being in the Guinness World Records.

If you haven't heard about Smokey yet, she's a 12-year-old feline in central England with a purr that's been compared to the sound of a lawn mower and a passenger jet. She first made headlines about a month ago, when the Daily Mail said Smokey's purr could "reach an incredible 92 decibels — the same as you'd experience watching a Boeing 737 coming in to land."

Now, the newspaper reports, "Smokey has made a Guinness world record attempt to see if she can become the loudest purring domestic cat on the planet." She hit 73 decibels with witnesses present and recording equipment turned on. Most cats, according to the Daily Mail, peak out around 25 decibels.

So here's your challenge, cat lovers: Anyone out there have a louder cat?

All Things Considered is hoping to hear from Smokey — or at least from her owners — later today. (Update at 7:30 a.m. ET, March 31: Unfortunately, that didn't happen.) In the meantime, this ITN News report gives you a sense of just how loud she can be.

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